Tanzania - Shanga

Shanga Shangaa Ltd is a successful socially conscious for-profit enterprise based at Arusha Coffee Lodge in Arusha, Tanzania, which employs people with disabilities to create unique, high quality, handmade jewellery, glassware and home ware using recycled materials. These products are sold in Tanzania and all over the world, with profits bring reinvested back into development of new products and further employment of disabled people.


“Be Kind and Recycle”
Shanga Shangaa Ltd. aims to provide safe, supportive employment opportunities for disabled Tanzanians while bringing unique, quality products handmade from recycled materials to our patrons. Shanga Shangaa Ltd. is committed to protecting the environment and the livelihoods of disabled peoples in Tanzania by adhering to environmentally sustainable business practices and providing long-term opportunities to its employees.

Our vision

Shanga is a for-profit enterprise, as our vision is to continue to grow in order to create as many employment opportunities as possible to Tanzanians with disabilities. We also adapt to growing trends and continue to expand upon the design of our products in order to ensure a distinctive range of merchandise to our customers. Shanga products embrace a fusion of African and Western design elements that make our products continually unique. We hope to instill a lasting sense of cultural responsibility to break down the stigmas attached to people with disabilities, and aim to set a precedent regarding our environmentally friendly products in Tanzania and beyond.

Shanga Foundation

Shanga Foundation enables Shanga to provide an extra helping hand to those who need it; primarily workers with disabilities in the workshop and people in the local community with exceptional needs and shared aims. The Foundation supports people by providing medical equipment and access to emergency treatment to those in need, offering creative skills training, leading to employment for vulnerable people, educating society on the tremendous value and contributions of people in the disabled community, and partnering with like-minded organizations to further the aims of the Foundation.