Buy a smile

LITTLE things for people with a BIG heart!

LITTLE things with a BIG impact!

Buy a smile is a joint venture of a few non-profit organizations that are situated worldwide. Our goal is to produce and offer handmade and fair products for those who are looking for a fun item with a beautiful story behind it and one that results in a big impact. We are here to tell a story about strong people who make unique products but to us it is also important that we tell a story about those that do something good for others.

To shop with a goal, and even a really good goal, how much better can this get? All profits of the products will go straight to the non-profit organizations and the producers will of course get their fair share as well, which makes everyone happy!

Buy a Smile is all about believing in people, giving chances and creating a better future. Our motto stands for happy clients; a smile on the face of our buyer and the producers is what we aim for. After all we only have one believe, “If you want to feel good, do good!