These Terms and Conditions apply to all orders and sales transactions of the website http://www.buyasmile.be ("Online Shop") relating to the products offered on the website www.buyasmile.be ("Product (s)"). The www.buyasmile.be website is owned and operated by Buy a Smile VZW Ijzerenleen 29, 2800 Mechelen, with company number (+32) 563 782 410 (the "Seller", "we" or "us", depending on the context) acting as the seller of the Products.

By placing an order on www.buyasmile.be you accept these Terms and Conditions fully and without reservation. The Seller has the right to change the Terms and Conditions from time to time. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions will be applicable only to orders placed on or after the date of change.

We advise you to print a copy of our Terms and Conditions or save it to your hard drive when you decide to place an order through www.buyasmile.be.


To order products on www.buyasmile.be you must meet the following conditions:

  • You have given your name and address, telephone number, email address, payment details and other required information

  • You are at least 18 years old

  • If you pay with a debit card, you must be the owner or authorized holder of a valid payment card to buy products

  • When you create a personal account, you also need to create a personal username (your email address) and password. Protect your password and never pass this to anyone, because you are responsible for each purchase that you make with your username and password.

Orders on the website www.buyasmile.be will be following the process underneath:

  • You choose the products

  • You enter your payment details and choose your delivery address

  • Payment is approved

  • We will send you a confirmation of the order via email once the payment has been processed

  • We ship the products

  • You receive the products


Orders placed through www.buyasmile.be are not compulsory on the seller. They are only compulsory on the seller after the seller has accepted your order. We may, for whatever reasons choose not to accept your order.

Once we receive your order, we will send a confirmation email of the order with your order number and details of the products ordered. This acknowledgment of receipt does not mean that your order has been accepted. The acceptance of your order and the conclusion of the sales contract will only take place if and when the ordered products are shipped to you. Even after dispatching the products, we reserve the right to cancel your order as long as the products ordered have not yet been received.

We have the right to not accept any order or cancel it if:

  • At the time the order was placed, there was an error or technical problem on the website www.buyasmile.be or incorrect price information was listed on the website www.buyasmile.be

  • The product is not available (if the product ordered is not available we will let you know by e-mail)

  • The provided billing or payment information is incorrect or not verifiable

  • Security systems indicate that the order is abnormal or potentially fraudulent

  • We have reason to believe that the customer is younger than 18 years. 

If we cancel an order or refuse the order because of one of the above reasons, we will, where appropriate, refund the already paid price of the product and delivery costs to the costumer.


The prices listed on www.buyasmile.be include VAT. They only apply to orders placed via www.buyasmile.be.

Notwithstanding we have built www.buyasmile.be ourselves with a lot of care, possible errors may exist in the prices displayed on the website www.buyasmile.be. Some wrong displayed prices will be corrected as soon as possible by us and will not be compulsory in any case for us.

Separate charges for shipping, handling and any applicable taxes therefor will be displayed when you place your order.

The shipping costs are indicated in the shopping bag. The rates for the Benelux and France are below. For shipping to other countries, please contact us to receive the correct rate.



Delivery time



1 to 3 working days

Netherlands & Luxembourg


2 to 4 working days 



2 to 5 working days



2 to 5 working days

Rest of Europa


on request

Rest of the World


on request


The seller does not guarantee that all products which are advertised on the website www.buyasmile.be are available. The seller has the right, without prior notice, to modify certain products such as to withdraw products from the collections or make them unavailable or available again.

We try to deliver ordered products on time. However, there may be reasons why we cannot ship on time and will not achieve our goal. A delivery date must be regarded as a non-compulsory estimate and should not be seen as a compulsory right to deliver the products on the target date.

You must check within a reasonable time after the delivery if you have received the products in good condition and that the content of the package is complete. It is your responsibility to notify us as soon as possible of any damages to the products or any shortages.

In case you postpone the delivery or receipt of the Products unreasonably long after we informed you that we tried to deliver the Products to you or if you specified an incorrect delivery address with as a result that the delivery failed, the Products will be returned to us.

If the Products can’t be delivered in 7 working days following a first attempt to delivery and are returned to us again, we assume that you exercise your right to revoke your purchase and as soon as we receive the Products, we will pay you back the purchase price of the goods in accordance to our regulation regarding the revoke of an order and the relevant legal stipulations.


The display of the colours of the Products on this website is partly dependent on the settings of the monitor and the graphics card of the visitor of the website. For these reasons certain colors that are shown in the images may be slightly different from the actual colors of the products. But we try our best to keep them as similar as possible.


The handling of the payments works through transfers. Once the amount has been transferred and seen visible on our account (BE37 5230 8069 9328), we will send your package as soon as possible.


If you purchased a product for your own personal use as a consumer and you want to use your right to withdraw from the contract, you should contact our customer service (by e-mail: info@buyasmile.be, by telephone: +32 477 27 06 00 or by post: Buy a Smile vzw, IJzerenleen 29, 2800 Mechelen) within 14 days starting from the day following the delivery, to notify and request a return. If our customer service approves the request, we will give you the necessary instructions by email for the return.

You also have the right to return products purchased on the website www.buyasmile.be, if they are defective. You should do this as soon as possible after the arrival of the order (max 7 days) and we will submit a request to our customer service. If our customer service approves the request, we will give you the necessary instructions by email on how to return the product.

We request to always return a complete product (for example, the two parts that form a pair need to be returned together), the product shouldn’t be washed or used (other than reasonable use for trying on), and the products should be returned in their original packaging.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the products remain safe and protected while they were in your possession. Treat the products with care and return them in the condition that they were delivered to you. Unpack and repack the Products carefully.

Replacement or refund can only take place after we received all the products that should be replaced of refunded.

If you return products that you 1) are not allowed to return that 2) are not in the original state, that 3) are not properly packaged, where 4) products are missing, which you 5) did not pay for or to which you 6) have not taken the necessary care for, we reserve the right to reject your return and refund or to charge fees for necessary repairs, re-stock or similar direct costs as a result of those payments to be refunded to you (subject to the applicable legal provisions).


We will do everything in our power to fulfill our commitments. But we cannot be held responsible for delays or we cannot hold appointments if the delay or failure to fulfill our commitments is caused by circumstances over which we have no control. If there is a delay, we will fulfill our obligations as soon as possible in the most reasonable and possible way.


These Terms and Conditions describe fully and thoroughly all of our obligations and liabilities relating to the delivery of the Products. To the extent permitted by law, for the seller there shall not be any other warranties, except for the conditions or arrangements listed in these Terms and Conditions.

We are not liable for breach of contract, tort or otherwise, for any economic losses (including, but not limited to, loss of income, profit and / or loss of revenue or anticipated savings), loss of data, loss of goodwill or reputational damage, or any consequential, indirect, unforeseeable, special or consequential damages in any way whatsoever. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall affect your rights under the law and nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to exclude liability in case of fraud or willful misconduct.


All personal information given by the seller through www.buyasmile.be will be treated confidentially. The seller undertakes to treat the personal data provided and processed in accordance with the Belgian Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy. You can at any time access all data relating to you by sending a letter to the seller. The information provided by you will be used to manage our relationship with you as our customer, direct marketing and the overall profile of our costumer. Free of charge you may at any time refuse against your personal information being used for direct marketing purposes, by sending a letter to the seller.


If any provision (or any part thereof) of these Terms and Conditions would be unlawful or unenforceable, this provision (or the relevant part thereof) can be seen as separated from the remainder of the Terms and Conditions and then the remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions can be kept and remain in full force.


If you have any questions about buying products through www.buyasmile.be contact us by e-mail (info@buyasmile.be) or telephone (+32 477 27 06 00).


The Belgian law governs these Terms and Conditions. The Court of Mechelen has exclusive authority over these.